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Managers in today's complex business structures need more time to focus on their core business needs.

We created to provide our your business with an excellent way to meet many of your occupational needs and answer your important questions.

Let us eliminate the headaches of dealing with multiple service providers, long phone calls, or complicated faxing procedures. We are your complete provider for all your essential occupational medical services!

On you can:

Order and Schedule Drug and Alcohol Tests
Easily maintain Your Random Testing Employee Lists
Review and Print Test Results
Get Directions to our Clinics
Order Pre-employment Physicals
Schedule DOT Medical Certification Exams
Order Background Checks
Pay Your Bill Online



Whether you are hiring for a position

that requires a DMV check, criminal history,

or employment verification, we have

affordable solutions to help you

know who you are hiring... LEARN MORE


DNA testing can tell you much more than

simply "Who's the daddy?" Breakthroughs

in population genetics also allow DNA to

be used as a useful tool in genealogical

research... LEARN MORE

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